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Baltimore Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawyer

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As used by courts and lawyers throughout the country, the term "tort" means a civil, versus a criminal, wrong, the proof of which may entitle a person or business entity to a judgment for damages. Lawsuits based on negligence, fraud, battery and strict liability are tort actions. Toxic tort cases arise after workers, consumers or property owners discover they have been injured or damaged due to exposure to toxic substances.

Some toxic tort suits have been based upon exposure to asbestos, benzene, pesticides, lead, and formaldehyde-treated carpets and furnishings.

Major Cases Won by Our Mesothelioma and Asbestos Case Attorney

Following a successful two-week jury trial and a subsequent appeal, Stephen J. Nolan collected over $9.8 million for the family of a young mother, Lisa J. Pransky, who died of mesothelioma caused by her exposure to asbestos-containing joint compound as a child.

The case is significant because it was the first plaintiff's verdict to be upheld against Georgia-Pacific for one of the asbestos-containing joint compounds it manufactured prior to 1974. Working with the Locks Law Firm, Steve Nolan obtained the medical evidence to prove that Mrs. Pransky's mesothelioma originated prior to the effective date of Maryland's 1986 cap statute.

Our firm has also successfully represented County governments, school boards and property owners who have suffered significant economic losses due to building contamination from asbestos.

Representation throughout Maryland in Property Damage Cases

The Law Offices of Stephen J. Nolan is a results-driven firm with a team of experienced legal professionals who have successfully resolved cases in state and federal courts.

Please review our website to learn more about our firm, our legal team and our experience in litigating a wide range of environmental cost recovery lawsuits. You can also contact us to arrange a confidential meeting with Steve Nolan, at no cost or obligation.

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your case.

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