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Serious Personal Injury Cases

Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

[Note: Because of the increasing demands of settling defendants and their insurance companies for confidentiality, case specifics and actual dollar amounts have had to be omitted from the partial list below]

In early 2011, after more than a year of investigation and litigation in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Mr. Nolan recovered a multi-million dollar settlement for the family of a woman who died from catastrophic injuries she received when the car in which she and her husband were riding was suddenly struck by a tractor-trailer rig.

In late 2010, Mr. Nolan recovered a substantial settlement in a civil case for a young woman who was raped by a hotel employee. Although the hotel denied all allegations, Mr. Nolan's independent expert established that the lack of adequate safeguards relating to the use of master keys and the hotel's failure to properly maintain its security surveillance system were proximate causes leading to the attack.

In mid-2010, Mr. Nolan was co-lead counsel in a case for an individual who still suffers from life-threatening injuries due to faulty medical equipment. The case involved complex legal and evidentiary issues and was successfully settled for nearly one million dollars.

Mr. Nolan was lead counsel for a Maryland couple whose daughter was an out-of-state college student when she suffered an asthma attack and died after emergency medical staff failed to properly transport her to a nearby hospital. The county medical examiner erroneously ruled the cause of death as resulting from drug abuse. Only through many months of investigation and expert assistance were Mr. Nolan and his co-counsel able to recover a substantial settlement from the municipality involved. The parents credit Mr. Nolan with ultimately compelling the medical examiner change the death certificate to properly record the manner of their child's death.

The Nolan Law Firm was successful in obtaining a six figure settlement for a young woman who had been sexually assaulted by her teacher. The claims related to the failure on the part of the employer to properly supervise the instructor and its failure to investigate other reported incidents of abuse.

Mr. Nolan recovered a confidential settlement for a young woman who was struck as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle. Because of the seriousness of her brain and spine injuries, she had no recall of how the accident happened. The Plaintiff's economic losses were in excess of $800,000.00. The defendant driver filed a motion for summary judgment based on the fact that the plaintiff had crossed the roadway outside the crosswalk and that she had failed to keep a proper lookout for the defendant's approaching vehicle. Based on his early use of an accident reconstruction expert, Mr. Nolan was successful in defeating defendant's motion and, on the eve of trial, defendant paid a settlement of all claims.

The Nolan Firm filed and prosecuted a negligence action on behalf of a woman who was seriously injured when her vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer truck. There were significant liability issues arising from defendant's contributory negligence defense. The case was strengthened by virtue of plaintiff's expert accident reconstructionist and a substantial settlement of all claims was obtained prior to trial.

Mr. Nolan was successful in defeating a defense motion for summary judgment in a case involving a seriously injured woman who was struck as a pedestrian by a car that had lost control following its collision with another vehicle. This case had very substantial economic losses and issues concerning plaintiff's pre-existing medical condition. A substantial settlement was obtained for the client prior to trial.

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