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More than 25 Years of Legal Experience

Baltimore Hospital Negligence Lawyer

When people become ill or injured, a hospital can be the best place to go for appropriate medical treatment. When people suffer a permanent injury because they do not receive appropriate medical treatment, they come to us. According to figures reported by ABC News® in March 2010, "Studies show that 98,000 people die in hospitals every year because of medical errors."

The professionals at the Baltimore Law Offices of Stephen J. Nolan have a reputation for successfully handling complex cases for people throughout Maryland. Our team of skilled professionals includes Kathleen Childs, R.N., a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience in hospital and clinical settings-experience that has proven to be of tremendous help in serious personal injury cases.

As is the case with most civil cases in state and federal courts, we settle the majority of our cases prior to a verdict, but we prepare every case for trial. This approach lets insurance companies know that we will be fully prepared for trial if a fair and just settlement can not be obtained for our clients.

Our Firm Handles all Types of Cases Involving Hospital Negligence, such as:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Improper medication
  • Emergency room malpractice
  • Negligence causing brain injury
  • Misdiagnosis/delayed diagnosis

We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients so they could begin restoring their lives and rebuilding their futures.

Maryland Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injury cases are hospital negligence claims that are based on departures from applicable standards of care which occur during labor and delivery. Birth injuries that result from hospital negligence can lead to substantial economic losses associated with future medical treatment and life-care needs. The non-economic losses victims suffer are also significant because the pain and suffering can last a lifetime when significant long-term care or a child's death is involved.

A very important question to ask when hiring a lawyer: Do you know how Maryland's cap on non-economic loss will apply to my case? A lawyer who lacks sufficient knowledge about how the state's cap on non-economic loss affects your case could result in your receiving insufficient compensation for your injuries.

With over 25 years of courtroom experience, Stephen J. Nolan knows about the tremendous preparation involved in readying a case for trial. By carefully selecting and engaging the right experts, we build the case to help a jury understand the full extent of the harm that our clients have suffered, both the economic and non-economic injuries and damages. This type of experience can be the key to a maximizing a settlement in difficult cases, such as brain injury lawsuits. In cases involving brain and spine injuries, the analysis of future economic losses often involves an expert evaluation performed by a life care planner, a professional who has been trained in techniques to correctly assess future medical needs and costs associated with injuries.

Do I Have a Hospital Negligence, Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury Case?

Some people are confused about what type of case they have; we are not. Stephen J. Nolan has the skill, energy and experience to pursue your case to seek just compensation for your injuries. Stephen J. Nolan has litigated hundreds of difficult cases, and he knows there are important differences between properly developing cases relating to hospital negligence, medical malpractice, serious personal injury and wrongful death.

Steve Nolan is an experienced Baltimore hospital negligence attorney and meeting with him is the best way to find out about the options available to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs you incurred due to a medical error. Please contact us to arrange a private meeting at our law firm. We are also available to meet at other locations in Maryland which may be convenient to you. You are under no obligation to retain our services.

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